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rustic fireplace design
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Rustic Fireplace Design

Rustic Fireplace Design. Click for a larger view.
A rustic fireplace design automatically places one in tune with nature. Most often people that consider a fireplace will consider a rustic one as their first choice. It does not always mean in their particular circumstance that it is workable for them. There are many alternatives if this is the case. For example if the feasibility of an authentic rustic styled fireplace is not a possibility then there are many artificial type ones that can be utilized.

The best way to describe rustic would be to paint the visual picture of a fireplace like the one you would find in a cabin. The term rustic is in direct reference to the style of the unit and not primarily the construction. All fireplaces must be constructed and situated according to the safety codes and regulations of your area. This is no different for a rustic fireplace whether it is authentic or artificial. The rules apply for any type of fireplace.
So far, we have talked about the indoor rustic fireplace, but the rustic design fits in extremely well with the outdoors because it is complimenting its natural element. In respect to design, it can compliment the rustic style in various sizes. There is no necessity to build a huge rustic fireplace just because it is rustic. There are some beautiful smaller versions of rustic that fit in perfectly with a smaller room.

One of the most important sections of a rustic fireplace is the mantle. This is where the history of this type of fireplace reveals itself. Naturally, using a durable wood means a choice of oak or maple being the most common. You can use other types of hardwood as well if that is your preference.

The whole concept of the rustic fireplace is to bring the outdoors in. Whenever possible use authentic wood. With today’s technology, there are many materials on the market. These have done extremely well at mimicking wood and if a tight budget is a factor then you may have to consider this route.

When it comes time to design the rustic fireplace you want to put most of your emphasis on the mantle, so be creative with your design techniques here. You want to keep it natural looking but there is much you can do with it. Many people feel that when it comes to the rustic look the wider mantles are more authentic looking. They are practical as well, if they are going to be used to display photos as well. Your choice of wood will dictate the color and shade of your finished piece. You may want to keep this in mind when you are choosing it before construction. Make sure it is going to blend in or compliment the rest of the structure.

With your rustic fireplace design, you are going to want to compliment it with your accessories, for example, wood photo frames do an excellent job at this.

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