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Masonry Fireplace Design

Masonry Fireplace Design. Click for a larger view.
A masonry fireplace design starts by going back into history. With today’s technology there is little that man does not produce. . In regards to fireplaces, the industry has been extremely innovative in producing replicas of many different types of heat producing sources including the masonry fireplace. Once has to admit when you look at the replicas and stand in front of one gazing upon the flames it is pretty difficult to accept it is not the real thing. You can put this to a test though just by closing your eyes and listening closely. Do you hear the crackle of the wood burning? Take a deep breath in do you detect the sweet aroma that burning wood emits? This I have to say is the big distinction between the real thing and the next best to it.

If you have determined that you are just going to have a good old-fashioned fireplace then you are referring to the masonry fireplace. If you hope to design one effectively then you really need to do some research and look at history.
A term that you may not be quite so familiar with is its name of the Russian Fireplace although commonly known as masonry stoves or heaters. This is interesting because the original idea stemmed out of Easter Europe. Many of the original models had solid doors so viewing of the actual burning was not evident. When dubbing these items as fireplaces it is in reference to the design allowing full view of those burning logs. Really, that is the intrigue of the fireplace.

While designing your masonry fireplace is not very difficult, you must have some objective goals in mind so as not to run into future problems. This type of fireplace burns hot and you want to be sure that it burns clean with no smoke. The dampers and baffles control the proper air supply.

The masonry radiates the heat by maintaining its warmth and allowing it to circulate out into the room. You will have a choice in designs but will probably opt for the rustic style with the choice of stone, fieldstone or brick. It takes some time for the fireplace to heat these mediums but once it does, you have a long span of heat ahead of you.

These are authentic high heat producing commodities. They must comply with all safety rules and regulations. It could be very unsafe to cut corners or take short cuts.

Be sure to buy the proper materials that have the proper fire code ratings intended for their proper use. Masonry fireplace design is particularly rewarding because you are repeating a success of history. It something that once completed you can step back and feel great pride. Even if you have not built it yourself but hired contractors to do so, you can still be proud of your choice.

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