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Fireplace Design Guide is your premier resource on fireplace designs. Whether you’re in the final stages of designing your ultimate fireplace or have just begun your journey, we'll provide you with insightful tips and design ideas.

  • Fireplace design tips, image galleries, and guides.
  • Modern fireplaces, contemporary fireplaces, rustic fireplaces, more!
  • Comparison shopping tool for fireplaces.
  • Exquisite designs, expert advice, all fireplaces!

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Colorful Tips

Fireplace design isn't a science, nor is there a best practice. It's limited only by your imagination, budget, and knowledge. Fireplace Design Guide is here to help you with the later.

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Image Gallery

Gallery #1

Modern Designs
Fireplace design gallery
featuring beautiful modern design.

Gallery #2

Rustic Designs
Fireplace design gallery
featuring earthy rustic design.

Gallery #3

Contemporary Designs
Fireplace design gallery
featuring contemporary design.